Photo by  Megan Dupuis

Photo by Megan Dupuis

About Inspired Outcome...

Hello there!  I'm Cleonie Mainvielle and I am the owner and founder of Inspired Outcome, a productivity and organizing business in Massachusetts. 

I work with women who are motivated to find strategies that create order out of chaos, align schedules with personal goals, and organize physical space to improve efficiency. 

As a wife and mother of two, I understand the struggle associated with running an organized household, nurturing a family, working full time, all while finding time to keep one's cup full. 

In 2013 when my eldest turned 5;  my husband and I were in our 8th year of marriage; and I was approaching my 12th year as a government employee; I realized that I had achieved all the goals my younger self had sacrificed for. 

However, I was feeling overwhelmed.  My home felt like a never ending list of chores, and life was repetitive - work, cook, clean, nurture, and repeat. 

I felt extremely guilty for feeling this way since I was living my well crafted and perfectly executed dream with my amazing family by my side.

Resolving to reclaim my life, I spent the next several years researching and applying productivity and organizing techniques.  As a result, I successfully re-aligned my time and space with my values and goals.  My days are now more deliberate and rewarding, I love my home again, and I am able to be fully present in my roles of mother, wife, employee, and just being ME.

I started my business because I am passionate about  transferring my knowledge around productivity and organizing to women seeking strategies to better manage their time, energy, and belongings. 

My education in Psychology and Social Work provides me with a pragmatic understanding of basic human behavior and motivation, allowing me to effectively work directly with clients to help them overcome personal challenges. 

Where you may see a brick wall, I see possibilities and opportunities to make small changes that will lead to big gains.

If you would like to connect with me further, join me on social media where I spend time chatting about intentional living each week.