Clearing clutter and having an organization system, for each family member,  is essential to having and maintaining a peaceful home.
— Cleonie Mainvielle

I can help you to:

Residential Organizing

  • Identify "cluttering" habits and ways to change them

  • Create sustainable organizing systems for each family member

  • Establish logical and accessible locations for all items

  • Sort and reduce paper piles

  • Create paper filing systems

  • Apply organizational techniques to all areas of the home

  • Create an efficient kitchen

  • Tackle storage trouble spots: basement, attic, garage, and closets

  • Desk de-clutter

  • Create fun and functional kids rooms and playrooms

  • Support for students, including backpack basics, and creating a homework station

  • Seasonal organizing: taking out/putting away decorations; clothes swap in the closet

  • Institute effective entryway practices

Business Organizing

  • Process emails more efficiently

  • Identify time management challenges and methods for overcoming them

  • Design more effective process/work flows

  • Organize office supply storage solutions

  • Maximize office space to make it a creative and functional work area


How it works:

First, schedule a free 30 minute consultation to meet with me.  This initial consultation will allow me to gain an understanding of your needs and to make sure there's a good fit between what you need and what I do.   If we are a good fit, we'll develop a customized plan based on what specifically you want to accomplish.   I offer three organizing plan types.

Instructional Plan:    

We work side by side to tackle and develop systems to organize your space.  As I work to create order, I talk you through the project, teach you how to do it, and how to stay organized. 

This plan is all about transferring my skills, as a professional organizer, so you can develop your own skills based on your personal learning and action styles.

 Make Over Plan: 

This plan is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing space.  I work independently, after you have given me some general guidelines on what you want.   With this package, there isn't much opportunity for me to teach you to be more organized. 

Refresher Plan:   

This is ideal for clients who have worked with me under the Instruction Plan, but want to tackle another project or have gone through a change or are facing a new challenge, which have caused disruption to the previously implemented organizing system.   This is a hybrid of the Instruction and Makeover plan. 

With this plan, I evaluate and adjust any previously developed organization system and help you to get back on track.