30 min FREE Consultation

  • Discuss the organization project(s)

  • Estimate number of hours needed to complete the job

  • Determine job requirements and supplies needed

  • Schedule times for working


Time management

Discover how to effectively counteract time wasters and interruptions so that you can align your schedules with your goals.   I help clients to:

  • Gain clarity around their goals

  • Establish successful planning, prioritizing and delegating

  • Determine functional calendar and to-do list formats

  • Recognize the difference between projects, tasks and routines

  • Identify ways to overcome procrastination

  • Implement schedule changes around energy cycles

Residential organizing

Clearing clutter and having an organization system, for each family member,  is essential to having and maintaining a peaceful home.  I help clients to:         

  • Identify "cluttering" habits and ways to change them

  • Create sustainable organizing systems for each family member

  • Establish logical and accessible locations for all items

  • Implement mail and paper management

  • Apply organizational techniques to all areas of the home

business organizing

Whether you run a small business, work in a corner office or telecommute, being organized is important to your professional success.  I help clients to:    

  • Process emails more efficiently

  • Identify time management challenges and methods for overcoming them

  • Design more effective process/work flows

  • Organize both paper and digital files

  • Create office supply storage solutions

  • Maximize office space to make it a creative and functional work area


Interactive workshops are a great way to improve knowledge on a specific subject, while interacting with others with the same interest. 

My workshops are ideal for program participants served by Supportive Service providers/ community-based programs, company retreats, parenting groups, faculty meetings, student groups, or even for “Girls’ Night In”.   I help clients to:

  • Get organized to set and achieve personal goals

  • Busily unproductive: How to Get the Important Work Done With Less Stress 

  • How to prioritize when everything is important

  • Conquer email clutter in 6 easy steps

  • Uncover the "Super-Mom" Myth

  • How to structure your days to support your goals


A mastermind is a small group of like-minded individuals who meet for mutual brainstorming and accountability sessions.  I help clients to:

  • Work with like-minded individuals who are willing to use their experience, resources, and intellect to help each other be better in the way they approach and achieve their individual goals.

  • Go further in accomplishing goals than they could ever have gone alone.