Time Management


Maybe you have ideas about what you want to do but you can't seem to gain momentum.

Are you running from one activity to the next, then ending your days exhausted, without any breaks or breathing room?

Perhaps you feel like if you could just get a little time to yourself, you could get back on track... but then that time never comes.

Well, I invite you to stop spending your time talking about what you want to do and take action!   

Dost thou love life?
Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.
— Benjamin Franklin

I can help you to:

  • Effectively counteract time wasters and interruptions so that you can align your schedules with your goals

  • Gain clarity around your goals

  • Establish successful planning, prioritizing, and delegating

  • Determine functional calendar and to-do list formats

  • Recognize the difference between projects, tasks, and routines

  • Identify ways to overcome procrastination

  • Implement schedule changes around energy cycles

How it works:

First, schedule a free 30 min consultation to talk to me by phone.  This initial consultation will allow me to gain an understanding of your needs and to make sure there's a good fit between what you need and what I do.   If we are a good fit, we'll develop a customized plan based on what specifically you want to accomplish.

Clarity and Goal Setting Plan: 

This package is designed to help you understand what areas of your life you are successfully managing time, and which you would like to improve upon.  We will also spend some time setting goals, defining success, and identifying general time management strategies.   I provide 2 x 60-minute and 1 x 30-minute sessions.  At the end of all three sessions, you might decide that you want to continue having me as a coach so you can sustain the momentum you've built, or you may decide that you have enough tools and confidence to continue on your own.  

Ongoing Coaching Plan: 

We work together as you implement the plan developed through the Clarity & Goal Setting package.   Over the course of 4 weeks,  we'll work together during 1-hour weekly sessions to discover your self-defeating habits, develop positive ones, and implement customized strategies based on your strengths.